Easy, peasy!

Parenting, nobody really knows exactly what to do every step of the way. We learn as we go hope that we get it right. There are books and other forms of descriptive guidance that we read, memorize, and implement. Hoping that we don’t completely mess up our precious children. We protect them with baby gates, plug covers, door knob contraptions, etc. Hoping we can protect them from everything. Is this possible? 

Protect them from everything?

Day in and day out we take these tedious steps to provide top notch safety for our children. It may ease your mind knowing that you have taken the appropriate steps to provide some safety for your loved one. Yes, SOME! Hazards are everywhere! You know that fan? The one in the living room. Hazard! The trash can? Hazard! Bathroom toilet? Hazard! You get what I’m saying….gadget protection only goes so far…Even things you wouldn’t think could cause harm to your child, could potentially harm them. KEEP YA EYES OPEN! 🙂

Only so much

You want your little one walking around with pillows around them 24/7? Haha….didn’t think so. Though you may feel this way, pillows are not the solution. Bubble wrap! That’s the best solution….haha. Nah, just messing with ya! The simplest and most effective way to protect your baby/young children from hazards is by watching them! Sounds simple right? Think again, as a parent I know keeping an eye on your little bundles 24/7 is an impossible job. Especially if you have multiple adventurous young children. What if I just can’t dedicate this kind of time? (single mom/dad, doing housework, etc.) How can I make sure they are safe? Create a space just for them…

Create Their space

Provide a room, if available, just for them! No hazards around! No dressers, TV’s, etc. This is helpful if you have toddlers or older children. This gives them an area to “control” which gives them the chance to be independent. *Side note: Independence in a child’s life is a contributing factor to their development. So not only are you protecting your children from harm (creating a space), you’re also providing good well-being.

Photo by : Markus Spiske temporausch.com from Pxels

Here is a small list of things to include in their space:

  • Appropriate aged toys: Many manufactures put the age range on their toys.
  • Bean bag/ small couch: you can find them here.
  • Coloring books & Crayons: Let them express their creativity!! My son has all over my living room walls…ugh!
  • Age appropriate books: Let them explore the world of illustration and words(if they can read)

After your all tuckered out from providing them this space let your hard work pay off. Stick them little sugar-filled-drive-ya-crazy children in their space. Sit back and enjoy the silence, semi-silence.

Hope this helps! Enjoy the read as always!! Thanks for stopping by….till next time.

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Hardest part of being a parent.

Of all the days! Why today? Every parent has days when you simply can not take anymore. Your child/ren have done absolutely everything in their power to make you 100% crazy and angry.

Easier Said Then Done

There are some parents who simply do not react with anger or frustration towards their children. I have yet to meet one…haha….but they are out there. Stay calm they say….I’ve TRIED…they just keep pushing my buttons!!! Right? They push to the point of no return and you wish they would just stop. Been there?? Discipline after discipline and they still don’t seem to act right or listen. Yes? This next step is much harder then it sounds (for some parents).

No Matter What

Once your child/ren have received their discipline you may think it’s all said and done. Finally, I can get back to what I was doing! Wrong-o! There is a detrimental step many parents forget about. This step is the utmost important step every parent should take.


Yes you read that correctly! Apologize to your child/ren. Why should I do this? I’m the adult! I’m right!

The Why

You should apologize because:

  • It’s the right thing to do. You make your children apologize to you and others.
  • Apologizing teaches them it’s okay to get angry sometimes just acknowledge your actions and fix it.
  • Making mistakes is part of life the least we can do is make things right.
  • It makes them feel better.
  • It also makes the other person feel better about them.

In conclusion, we all make our mistakes! Recognizing the mistake is half the battle. Just be sure to teach the children in your lives the correct way to handle situations. We as parents strive to make our children better. This is a sure fire way to start upon that goal.


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Super creative and awesome scrunchies!

Spice up your life with some exciting and awesome scrunchies! Quality handmade hair holders. (See pictures below.)

What are scrunchies and why should I care

What are scrunchies? They are a hair collector that consists of elastic and fabric. I’ve personally used scrunchies most of my adult life, I LOVE THEM! As a mother I don’t have a whole lot of time to make my hair pretty, quickly. So this is my alternative. Why, they are so 80’s. They may be a few decades old but they are making a come back! They are super stylish! They’ve even been see on the runway recently. And come on they are just plain awesome!

Small ones are great for children

Better for your hair

A question that arises around scrunchies is whether or not they are healthier for your hair vs. regular hair ties. They may not necessarily be “healthier” for your hair but definatley easier on your hair. Quite a few articles I’ve read have mentioned they cause less breakage of your strands. This is because there is an extra layer between the elastic and your hairs! Also if you are a person that puts your hair up after you get out of the shower… like me….they are way better because they don’t pull. You know when your hair dries and the ponytail is embedded in your hair! You tug and pull and it knots! Scrunchies don’t! From my personal experience, I have to say they don’t pull out every hair God gave you when you remove them. Frankly, they are a nessecity to me.

Medium is ideal for regular thickness

Can I wear them everday?

Yes! I wear one every single day! I have children pulling on them, me redoing my hair a couple times a day, and many other rigorous activites testing the limits of my scrunchies. I’ve read they are great if you working out too. Scrunchies keep your hair in place for a long period of time…without causing a headache! I don’t know about you but that’s an A+ in my book.

Large for those thick luscious locks.

Where do I buy?

If any of this resonates with you, your in luck! About a year ago I decided I was going to start a business. Yup! My start up is scrunchies, since they are so near and dear to me. My life without them would be incomplete. Want to get your hands on some of them? Visit the link at the bottom.

Choosing a quality scrunchie

What makes yours so different? I spend my free time hand crafing each one of my scrunchies. From choosing fabric, color, thread I want to ensure the best quality. Why would you spend your hard earned money on plain jane scrunchies? When you can have exciting and fabulous ones that are handmade! #supportsmallbusiness Another reason mine are different is because all the scrunchies I make are made to wrap 3 times (depending on hair thickness.) I can’t promise anything but I try my hardest to think of every type of hair and make them wrap as explained. 🙂

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Scrunchie of the day!

The best upside of making my favorite hair collector….is

I get to set aside some for me!! 🙂 Trying out my Large Peach&Purple mandala today! ❤❤

How to make your house silent!

Hiya! This is a simple way to insure your house stays silent for a couple hours AT THE LEAST!

Have children?

How I accomplished silence in my home.

First, you set plan your execution, sometimes days in advance.

Next, you make sure they nothing pops up to foil your plan, if something comes up deal with it immediately!

After that, you contact your significant other and chat about said plan.

Continuing on, you execute your plan!

Yes! Have your other half take the kids away from the home!

This is about the only way other than when they are sleeping that children will ever be quiet for more than 5 minutes.

Enjoy it while it lasts! This opportunity only comes once in while!

Enjoy the read, laugh and share!