Prepare, before it’s to late


Safety is always a concern when putting your young one to sleep, no matter the time of day, always place your baby on his/her back on a firm mattress. No crib bumper, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals (nothing that can potentially cover baby’s face). According to the Back to sleep campaign this is the safest way for baby to sleep! Also many doctors and veteran mothers advise not sleeping with baby in bed with the parents. I wholeheartedly agree! If you really want baby to sleep in bed with you find a bed sharing bassinet.

Keeping them comfy

Another important thing that will help baby and new parents sleep better is swaddling. Swaddling is the act of wrapping baby in garments or cloth. Think of how your little one was all scrunched up in the womb, this is how they feel protected. Do not swaddle baby to tight at chest as this can create breathing issues. Once baby can roll over swaddling is a issue. You may still be able to swaddle baby just be sure their arms are out so they can push themselves over. Personally, I just dressed my baby in sleeper and onesie, (based upon the temperature in home) she sleep well that way. Make sure that your baby is not to hot either. I know, I know…it’s contradicting, but baby need just the right amount of garments to be safe and warm.

Photo from: Pexels

Break out the tunes

While we all wish we had a great singing voice, some of use may be off a key or two. If this is you no worries, your voice doesn’t have to be perfect to help your little sunshine get some zzz’s. Many babies love to be sung to (my little girl) as some won’t sleep without it! Not much into singing aloud? Simply hum a little tune in your baby’s ear….bam…sleep achieved. Don’t have the energy, find an affordable soothing machine (on Amazon).

Breastfeeding can help

Breastfeeding is one of the BEST things you can provide to your young one. Not only is breastmilk the best source of vitamins and minerals, it’s at the perfect temperature for baby. No worrying about burning baby’s mouth. Breastfeeding may also reduce the risk of SIDS. Bonding is an important part of being a parent, breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to bond. Especially in the early days of motherhood.

Take this time to enjoy your baby. They will grow fast and you’ll wonder where all these precious moments went. Love them and love yourself!

We are born of love; Love is our mother.


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