Success in Life

Ways to include your toddler

  • Show them how to pick up their toys/clothes.
  • Let them throw laundry in the washer/dryer.
  • Get a small broom and dust pan, let them sweep!
  • Find a toy vacuum and encourage them to use it when mommy or daddy vacuums.
  • When cooking, let them stir the food

At this age cleaning is still fun and exciting to children. Hence FUN-damentals, keeping their attention on task is the difficult part. Create a game, for example: basketball while doing laundry, or dancing while vacuuming. Make it fun and their attention will last A LITTLE longer.

Ways to include children ages 4-8

  • Help them clean their room (many kids don’t want to by themselves)
  • Let the sweep the floor (even if it’s not perfect)
  • Show, then let them vacuum the floor
  • Let them rinse the dishes (kids @ age 8 can wash)
  • If you own a dishwasher let them help load it.
  • Let them pour the soap in the washer
  • Have or help them throw clothes in the dryer
  • When cooking let them stir the food and pour the ingredients. (Adult supervision may be required)
  • Talk to them about knifes and how to use them properly. (At your discretion on age)

Some parents may still get by with making it fun or creating a game. However, by this age many children are like an ALGEBRA test, one minute it’s easy the next even GOD is wondering what happened. Take it in strides, if they want to help for 5 seconds or 5 minutes let them! Forcing them can cause resilience toward chores. Always ask if they want to help (older children, use your parental discretion).

Pre-teens ages 9-11 (sit back and relax)

  • Have kids do laundry, wash and dry
  • Teach how to fold laundry (as this may frustrate parents at any other age)
  • Let them rearrange their room how they want
  • Clean/ vacuum their room/house
  • Wash/dry dishes or load/unload dishwasher
  • Teach them about gardening/outdoor work (can be done at earlier age)
  • Let them chop fruits and vegetables for dinner (adult supervision may still be required)
  • Let them help cook the food
  • Have them set the table

We all know many pre-teens are a handful and talk back. By this age, personally a chore list is acceptable, rewards may or may not be included. Just encourage them to assist and if they need help, help!

Adolescence ages 12-18

By the time they reach this age many children will know how to do most of the mentioned above by themselves. If they don’t teach them! Here are a few of the things they might not know:

  • Take them grocery shopping, teach them what to buy and how to spend wisely
  • Let them prepare you a meal (even if it’s just mac’n cheese and hot dogs)
  • Show them how to work a grill and cook on it.
  • Explain your expenses to them and let them learn to budget.

Sucess is often measured by dollar signs, not in this case. If you can teach your children these fundamentals in life, they will be one step closer to leading a better life. Instill confidence, positive self-esteem, and the power of knowledge in your young ones!

Hope this helps, enjoy it? Like it, comment, and join to see more.

“Success is: the favorable or prosperoustermination of attempts orendeavors; the accomplishment ofone’s goals.

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