Not So Beautiful Exciting Life of Parents!

Rainbows, sunshine, and having children are often labeled as beautiful happenings.

These do NOT all fit under the same label!! 😂

Literally, before I started writing this part my baby girl (9 months old) smashed two of our homegrown cherry tomatoes! Not only did she smash them. She smashed them into my chair! 🤦‍♀️😑

Anyways! As I was saying not all parenting experiences are all sunshiny and happy!!

Day to Day Basis

Not only do we have to make sure we keep are children happy, healthy and safe. We as parents have to make sure we are teaching effectively and correctly! This is a chore all on it’s own.

Oh great! This lady is going to tell us about more teaching strategies….ugh!


So as our children grow they pick up on habits that they see…right? Right! So evidently someone in our family gets angry when they don’t have food. I’m not mentioning any names…but….cough..cough…me.

Anywho, the past couple days I have realized this through my daughter! She may look cute in the picture above. In all reality here is the real life situation proving that she is definitely my child!

Oh Lord…I’m in trouble!

Thanks for checking out my page!!! Feel free to like, comment or share. I love to make people laugh and I’m sure this will get some!!

P.S. she was in the process of eating…..not fast enough I guess.

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