Hardest part of being a parent.

Of all the days! Why today? Every parent has days when you simply can not take anymore. Your child/ren have done absolutely everything in their power to make you 100% crazy and angry.

Easier Said Then Done

There are some parents who simply do not react with anger or frustration towards their children. I have yet to meet one…haha….but they are out there. Stay calm they say….I’ve TRIED…they just keep pushing my buttons!!! Right? They push to the point of no return and you wish they would just stop. Been there?? Discipline after discipline and they still don’t seem to act right or listen. Yes? This next step is much harder then it sounds (for some parents).

No Matter What

Once your child/ren have received their discipline you may think it’s all said and done. Finally, I can get back to what I was doing! Wrong-o! There is a detrimental step many parents forget about. This step is the utmost important step every parent should take.


Yes you read that correctly! Apologize to your child/ren. Why should I do this? I’m the adult! I’m right!

The Why

You should apologize because:

  • It’s the right thing to do. You make your children apologize to you and others.
  • Apologizing teaches them it’s okay to get angry sometimes just acknowledge your actions and fix it.
  • Making mistakes is part of life the least we can do is make things right.
  • It makes them feel better.
  • It also makes the other person feel better about them.

In conclusion, we all make our mistakes! Recognizing the mistake is half the battle. Just be sure to teach the children in your lives the correct way to handle situations. We as parents strive to make our children better. This is a sure fire way to start upon that goal.

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