Ultimate Inspiring Read

I’m in such awe at this read!  Inspiration, reality, fails and thoughtfulness. I have currently downloaded the audiobook and don’t want to stop listening!! Fifteen chapters down in one day!


My mind has been blown away like it’s a volcano that is rushing lava out of it’s top! I was introduce to this wonderful read by a family member that was in need of inspiration. My mother told me to read or listen to this book! She said,”I think it will help you a lot.” Guess what! It has! The inspiration put into this book is like the love of a child! I want to cherish every word that has been spoken to me and after every word I simply want more! Deep thought and consideration has filled these pages with many words of wisdom. I mean let’s be honest….I listened to fifteen chapters in one day!


What makes this book so page turning? In my opinion, why I keep going back for more is because of the reality. This author puts her life out there like a piece of cake on a platter! This isn’t what drew me in, per-say. It’s the dept she puts out there for the whole world. It runs as deep as the ocean floor. Life event after life event that speaks directly to me! It’s like we are sisters that have stood side by side our whole lives and experienced the same things. But do these realities stop her…NO!


When speaking of failures, she speaks as if she is sympathizing with the reader. I almost prefer the audiobook in this case because the author reads it! Therefore she puts complete emotion behind her in detail story reading. You feel the pain, suffering and triumph when she speaks about every fail she has encountered. She turns every fail into a lesson, or learning experience! Yes….she is the, see a silver lining in everything, person. She however didn’t get there overnight.

Changed my life forever

Details in this book are like your family member who is the ultimate clean freak! Who gets down on the floor and scrubs with a toothbrush. You know what I’m talking about, there is always one of those in every family! Haha. Psst…that’s me! However, I expect to have ever detail laid out to me when reading, obviously it’s a book right?! Consciously, giving into the book, I thought it would be like every other inspirational book. I THINK NOT! Like I stated earlier it blew my mind! This author doesn’t hold back! Even through the most unspeakable tragic unsettling life events she speaks truth! Detail! Heart! Soul! Pain!


The author of this book has truly captivated my mind and took it to the next level! She has instilled in me the confidence and power I needed to keep pursuing my dreams! If it wasn’t for this out of this world inspiring book, I may have just given up already. 😞 I listened to the whole audiobook in two days. It is definately, a flipping like a maniac, page turning book! (Even though I didn’t read it.) I bet your read yo know what this phenomenal book is….well here you go! If any of you women that read or need inspiration get a chance, GRAB this book and READ IT!

“Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis

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