Create a Beautiful Garden

“When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden.”

Minnie Aumonier

Children learn through hands on experience. Gardening teaches them a fundamental skill for life. Also…they are more likely to eat vegetables and fruits if they are homegrown! HUH?? Really?? YUP! Check it out!

What is a garden?

By definition a garden is a small piece of ground used to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, or flowers. In my opinion gardening is one of the truest and most grounding forms of art on the planet.

Including the Family

Woooo hoooo!! More family time!! Yay! Do your youngsters love to be outside? Mine tooo!! This is the perfect opportunity to let your little ones learn and of course HAVE FUN!

Success in Life

Children learn from their parents…duh right? Do you teach them the fundamentals? Cooking? Laundry? Dishes?

Common reasons parents don’t include their children in fundamentals of life:

  1. It takes ten times longer.
  2. They don’t do it correctly.
  3. I worked all day and just want it done.
  4. My kids don’t want to help.
  5. Parents are on autopilot.
  6. Forget to ask them for help.
  7. I get frustrated quickly.

If one of these resonates with you listen up! One day your little toddler, school age child, teens are going to be adults. When the time comes it may be to late to teach them these fundamentals. Start now and hope they carry what they learn into adulthood.

Prepare, before it’s to late

Photo from: Pexels

The day has come! Your little buddle of joy has finally arrived, able to be held, loved, and cuddled. Since the day you found out this, exact beautiful moment, is everything you’ve been waiting on. At this point you have so much love for your little baby boy or girl. Many parents are ready to take on parenthood. Then there are those who aren’t prepared at all.

In this article you will find ways to

keep baby asleep longer and safer

Sleeping Arrangements

We all know the easiest part of having a child is over. Moving on to one of the worrisome aspects of raising a child. Sleep! Because of the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) these are things your should know.

Fun Fact:

Babies come into the world when they are ready, many babies arrive during the dark hours of the day. Yes the day! Did you know: Early morning into afternoon, found in a study, is the most popular time for baby to arrive.

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Mommy’s First Time

The Unknown

Congratulations are always in store for promotions, buying a home, or even a new career. Right? Praise is one of the kindest things we can offer another person. What about when it comes to new life? Like babies? Yes! We all love them and adore them. Especially, if we can give them back to their parents as soon as they start crying :]. This is where the adventures start for most of us women. Welcome to the unknown….

“All those clichés, those things you hear about having a baby and motherhood—all of them are true. And all of them are the most beautiful things you will ever experience.”

Penelope Cruz

Anxiety has set

First time mothers always have so many question. What happens when..? Are they eating enough? Formula or breast feeding? I could go on and on, but point is you will make it! Whether you turn to your family, doctor, or the dreaded internet (I personally don’t suggest this method.) You’ll find an answer or twenty, at that point you ultimately choose what you think is best. By no means is caring for a newborn an easy task, but the love that is returned is so rewarding. When I found out I was pregnant it hit like a ton of bricks. Many others and I had the same thought, “I’m now responsible for another human being.” Ahhh….

As the months fly by, preparing is a necessity for welcoming baby home. In the midst of everything you’re taking on, you sometimes forget about yourself. When you feel this way. Stop right there! Take some you time! Momma go to the spa, hang out with girlfriends, or even kick back and relax on the couch! You deserve it, creating a human being is exhausting! Especially if you work a full-time job, or are a single mother taking everything on alone. (Been there)