Accessories Of Life. Balance You Now!

Peach and Purple Mandala Scrucnchie reminding you to balance!

Allow yourself to dive deep into your mind and soul with this Mandala hair scrunchie! This epic hair tie is one of my all time favorites. I’m a person who truly believes in the BALANCE of a person MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Without such balance in your life, it’s almost impossible to create peace.

As surprised as you may be, this is one of the reason I chose to name my business Balanced Momma. Even with the day to day activities and chores of being a mom I always…okay almost always..find time to balance my mind, body and soul. Whether it’s making time or taking time; I choose me sometimes…whhhattt?? If your shocked at this statement then you must be new to motherhood because this is a NECESSARY part of being a mother or father! You must be the best you; you can be or how else are you to take care of anyone else? Exactly! You take the time you need to care and love yourself then, and only then will you the most EPIC mother ever!

Join me on my journey, of telling the in depth details of parenting, running a business, and keeping it all together, by entering your E-mail and subscribing to my blog!

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed this read!


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